Hey y'all,

Check out the video for my new song "Golden Pick"!

The entire "Golden Pick" album will be available to stream and download soon. In the meantime, please show your support by doing any or all of these:

- Order a special signed copy of a "Golden Pick" CD. Christmas delivery is not guaranteed but it will be close.

- Order a "Golden Pick" T-shirt

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Thanks very much and happy holidays!

The "Golden Pick" hoodie

Thanks I'm very proud of this new album and can't wait to share all of the music and video with you. Many quality people helped bring the song "Golden Pick" to life. Thanks to Patrick Dillett, Eric Heigle and Jason Rhein for their audio expertise. Props to Grace Crescent for her vocals and Billy Franklin for the extra guitar work. Nate Tape (www.nathantape.com) spent a few afternoons along the Mississippi River with me shooting this very "golden" video. Thanks Nate!

Ricardo de la Puente created the beautiful "Golden Pick" apparel design and the new CD artwork.

And of course thanks to the Scotts, Dave and Kyle for their inspiration and collaboration.